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    Supportive Skin Therapy operates within Pop Society at 2488 Newport Blvd, Suite C, Costa Mesa CA, 92627. We are located in the furthest building from the street, up the stairs and to the left. There is ample parking in the center. We do have a sign but it is usually covered by our big beautiful magnolia tree. If you are having trouble finding our location, please text (562) 573-SKIN. We are happy to come outside and find you :).
    Appointments can be made through the online booking system within this site and/or the instagram page @thesupportiveskintherapist.
    We accept all forms of payment except handwritten checks and IOU's ;).
    If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please call or text (562) 573 - SKIN as soon as possible. Any changes within 48 hours and/or lateness exceeding 15 min's will result in the loss of your 30% appointment fee.
  • What is a Supportive Skin Therapy exactly?
    A supportive skin therapy session is a facial custom tailored to your unique state-of-being. No two appointments are ever alike. Through conscientious consultation and nearly two decades of experience, I will assist you in unlocking the mysteries and miracles of your skin and help to interpret what your body is trying to communicate through it. Each highly personalized protocol consists of 100% organic/non-toxic skincare, alongside state of the art technologies, and various massage techniques. Our aim is not to tame the skin, but to find it's most vibrant state of health and balance.
  • Which facial do I get?
    To start your journey, it is required that you book a 90 minute Intro Facial. This initial session allows me to obtain the in-depth health history analysis that will provide you with most effective treatment plan moving forard. After that, feel free to book any time allotment you desire. - 45 minutes goes by fast, but is a wonderful refresher when time is tight. - 60 minutes is most common and can be really powerful with consistency. - 90 minutes . . . You pretty much float home.
  • Who can recieve a Skin Therapy Session?
    This is a safe space for everyone. All are welcome. My clientele is a diverse group of heart-focused human beings of all ages, genders, and ethnicitys. Pregnant? Congratulations! You are more than welcome! It is however important you share what stage of pregnancy you are experiencing before each session. Differently Abled? Send me a text message with a scope of your needs, and I will do everything in my power to make sure they are met. Minor? You simply need a parent or guardian's signature to approve your facial session. Parents are welcome to sit in on our sessions if desired. If you are currently on an Oncology journey, please come to your appointment with a written note from your doctor stating it is safe for us to proceed with our session. Just looking out.
  • What do I bring to the appointment?
    Depending on the time time of the day, you may want to bring a hat and water bottle. If bookings are tight, you may be asked to fill out a consultation form before hand. If this is asked of you . . . Please have it filled out before you arrive.
  • What is a normal experience post facial?
    How do you define "Normal" right? It is common to feel a range of emotions after your facial. Whether it's tingles, warmth, or even just different breathability in your skin - that's all ok. Just be sure to communicate anything that may feel "Off" as soon as possible via email.
  • What can you do to recover faster?
    Lots of water, lots of rest, and avoid any excess heat. Keep your skincare super simple as well since your skin has already basically gone through bootcamp.
  • What can I do tonight?
    First thing you want to remember is to change your pillowcase and face towel at home. If you use the same one as the night before your fresh skin will absorb last nights sweat and buildup. Allow yourself to rest. If you sneak in a little dry brushing, followed by an epsom salt bath, plus a cold water rinse . . . I would be ECSTATIC. Try to avoid makeup until the next morning.
  • What to eat?
    An immunity boosting food based meal is ideal. Greens and electrolytes to balance your system and support lymphatic drainage are great options. No greasy foods or anything with large amouns of sugar and salt for at least 48 hours.
  • Can I go out the same night as my facial?
    You never want to expose your fresh skin to too much after a session. I understand you want to show off that glow but late nights, alchohol, and certain envormental factors can really dampen the skins ability to regenerate. If however you cant miss it . . . Make sure to gently wash your face when you get home and drink/apply tons of healing hydrating.
  • Can I workout after a facial?
    Try not to so your skin can calm down a bit. Only for 24 hours. If you really need to move your body, consider something low intensity and restorative.
  • Will my skin be red after the treatment?
    Everyone responds differently based on their immunity, genetics, and current state of skin health. It is completely normal to be a bit flushed after our session. If you notice it taking 3 - 5 days to calm down, please reach out to me directly at and together we will get to the core of the issue.
  • When can I rebook?
    Depending on your skin condition and personalized plan, every 2-6 weeks is ideal. Pre-booking will guarentee you the time you want.
  • What to tip?
    I pride myself on providing superior services with no "Add-on" fees. If you are called to leave a little extra in appreciation, I will recieve it with much gratitude, but will never anticipate anything beyond your time.
  • What is Brow Lamination?
    A service that creates full, feathery brows for an instant youthful effect. Similar to a Lash Lift, we use a simple process to fluff them up and keep them firmly in place. The results are gravity-defying brows that remain upright with less effort than permanent treatments, such as microblading. 2 solutions are applied; one that breaks down the hair bond in order to be easily manipulated into a complimentary direction, before a second application of cream to helps set the bonds of the hair in its new lifted state. Once this is achieved, a conditioning treatment is then coated onto the brows to moisturize them before you go on with your day ahead. The effect should then last between six to eight weeks, depending on your hair growth cycle. It is up to your personal preference as to whether you would like to add in shaping or application of a color tint to finish off the design.
  • Lash Lifting?
    How long will a Lash Lift last? Depending on each person, lash lifts can last 6-8 weeks. There are some situations that may affect the lasting period, and help weaken the curl. The use of heat, harsh chemicals such as chlorinated pools and products could weaken it. Is the Lash lift same as an eyelash perm? No. The lash lift is a new and improved procedure from the "old" perm and rod procedure. In the past, old fashioned perm rollers which curled back the lashes, giving the lashes a "doll" like curl was the perm method. Today, the procedure has been replaced by the use of silicone pads that help lift lashes from the root in either a straight or curled upwards fashion. Producing a great lash length and a natural curl with a bright eyed appeal. Overall, it gives the eyes a bit of a lift. ​ Does the Lash Lift hurt? No. This is a painless procedure. You will have your eyes closed the entire time and may find yourself very relaxed. Is the procedure safe? Yes, lashes are lifted onto a specialty shaped pad and the skin is always protected. Products only adhere to the hair itself. ​ Who would benefit from this treatment? This is a great treatment for anyone who is not a candidate to lash extensions or prefers to not wear false lashes. Women that have straight lashes and want them to curl and lift the eye are great candidates and will notice immediate results. ​ Can I use an eyelash curler? No. There will be no need for an eyelash curler as this treatment gives much better results. But most importantly as a lash expert, I would never recommend a lash curler in any case, since their is a history of lash damage from the use of these household curlers. ​ Can I wear makeup after my lash lift? It is best to not use anything for the next 24 hours after your treatment. You will find that their is no need for mascara anyway, but if your wanting a fuller look, I would advise to use a non waterproof mascara since the waterproof ones have harsh chemicals that may break the curl. ​ Can I shower with them? Not for the first 24 hours. Water will break the curl bond and straighten them out soon after. Wait 24 hours and your good to go.
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